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Why train your staff?

In June 2013 Karel Eloot (Director in McKinsey’s Shanghai office),Alan Huang and Martin Lehnich (Principals in McKinsey’s Shanghai office)published an article in the "Insights & Publications" of McKinsey.

According to the publication China's manufacturing industry is facing four challanges:

Rising costs
Rising consumer sophistication
Rising value-chain complexity
Heightened volatility

Therefor Karel Eloot sees 3 Imperatives for Chinese manufactures.
1. Achieve manufacturing excellence, use Lean and 6σ
2. Look upstream, change from former thinking and attitudes
3. Tame supply-chain complexity, companies will have to start by revisiting their demand planning

To support our clients we developed a training program which will help you to master the challanges of today and tomorrow.

Training 3

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Our training is provided in English and Chinese

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