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2016 Transformation and Upgrading of Nantong Manufacturing Summit

Jiangsu China, October, 24th

In the afternoon of 20th, experts, scholars and entrepreneurs from Germany, Shanghai and Nantong, China discussed manufacturing transformation on Transformation and Upgrading of Nantong Manufacturing Forum. They explored direction of industrial development and gave some suggestions on the topic of Industry 4.0 and Chinese enterprise transformation.

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Many experts analyzed Industry 4.0 and thought that it is useful for Chinese economy and enterprise development. Mr. Jens, consultant of Joint Board of Directors of Small and Medium Enterprise (BVMW), said that Germany was going to enter the next innovation phase by conducting Industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 will be combined with production automation and information technology, which is the direction of transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry in Nantong.

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Mr. Brinkmann, senior consultant said, Industry 4.0 connected embedded system production technologies and smart production processes to prepare the way to a new technological age. Building Internet of things is one of way of Chinese manufacturing upgrading. Enterprise needs to give up traditional management and realize Lean manufacturing and mass production by automation to improve efficiency and cut down production process and cost.

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Mr. Brinkmann said, education investment is not only a stuff needs to be considered by government but also by enterprises. “German small and medium enterprises invest a lot of money in vocational education. They train a common school student into a proficient worker to support industrial development.” He also said, China has a good education foundation and the Government needs to encourage more enterprises to train their workers in learning education and training system of workers in Germany so that they can have an opportunity for improvement.

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