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New Service Contracts

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In September 2016 two of our clients decided to sign a 12-month service contract with us. Based on their former experience in the cooperation with Wuxi LST, they are convinced, that a cooperation with Wuxi LST will be of advantage for their performance.

With the service contract the time-consuming contract negotiations are not necessary anymore and the service can be provided faster. Now they only need to contact Wuxi LST with their request and will receive the service immediately.

How does it work?

Our customer needs training or support in the operations management, he will send a email or just give us a call, explain what the issue is and Wuxi LST will inform them about the earliest available time – which usual will not be more than 2 days later.
Wuxi LST will than perform the requested service. At the end of each month an “Activity Conformation” will be send to the client. After the client did sign the “Activity Confirmation” the invoice will be send.

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